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Anon MFI® Lightweight Neck Warmer

Anon MFI® Lightweight Neck Warmer

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Our do-it-all-weight neck warmer for everyday coverage. MFI compatibility ensures a seamless connection with your goggles.


  • Made for mild to cool conditions, the Anon MFI® Lightweight Neck Warmer lets you adjust your coverage as the weather allows. Wear as a simple neck warmer, but when the temp drops and the wind starts howling, pull it up over your face and create a seamless magnetic connection with your MFI goggles.
  • It's compatible with the M3, M2, Relapse, Relapse Junior, and the Tracker 2.0. The M4 and Sync Goggles require the (gray) XL carrier for the best fit.
  • A mesh panel in the center serves as a vent for your breath, so your goggles don't fog up.
  • Take 'em out for machine washing or to wear the facemask with non-MFI goggles.


  • All Anon products are backed by a 1-year warranty from date of purchase.
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