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K2 Bond Snowboard Bindings 2024

K2 Bond Snowboard Bindings 2024

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A Team favorite, right out of the gate, the Bond snowboard binding was developed with the help of riders like Gabe Ferguson, Parker Szumowski, and Antti Jussila. The most freestyle-focused binding in our men’s collection, the Bond prides itself on being lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. This do-it-all snowboard binding features a set of no-frills straps atop a vibration damping This Grips!™ basepad. 

By utilizing eco-conscious and recycled materials instead of plastics and EVA, we have made significant strides in sustainability. Our manufacturing process relies on over 40% solar-powered energy, and our packaging is FSC-certified, utilizing cardboard and recycled paper instead of plastics.

As a result, we have achieved impressive reductions in our carbon footprint – it’s not perfect, but it’s a click in the right direction:

  • The Bond binding uses ~40% Bio-based material by volume and ~25% by weight.
  • SD1 Ankle Strap and Wrap Toe Straps have seen a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions per kg when compared to traditional TPU straps.
  • The castor-bean-based Team Highback offers ~a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions per kg when compared to a nylon highback.
  • Sugarcane EVA Shockpad offers a ~90% reduction in CO2 emissions per kg when compared to traditional EVA.
  • All K2 Snowboarding bindings come in 100% Recyclable Packaging.
  • All K2 Snowboarding binding packaging is 95% FSC-certified recycled material.
  • >40% of the energy used in our manufacturing process is derived from solar.

Construction Features

MODULE CHASSIS: True board flex and unrivaled response with Multimount™ ankle strap positioning, allowing you to customize your flex and feel.

SUGARCANE EVA SHOCKPADS WITH ECOHARSHMELLOW™ PODS: Sustainably sourced materials to help with damping and impact absorption.

TEAM HIGHBACK: Injected with a castor-bean based materials, the Team Highback was designed with a softer flex to allow for full range of motion and a more relaxed feel.

SD1 ANKLE STRAP: Injected with a castor-bean based materials our SD1 ankle strap is lightweight and offers a fitting blend of flexibility and response.

WRAP TOE STRAP: Manufactured out of castor-bean based materials, the Wrap Toe Strap is lightweight and can be warn over the top of the boot, or as a toe cap.

THIS GRIPS!™ BASEPAD: this grips K2’s proprietary rubber compound, integrated onto the bottom of our Module chassis, provides vibration damping and cushion between board and binding, reducing fatigue and joint impact.

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