K2 Cassette Snowboard Bindings 2022 - Women's

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The Cassette is designed for aspiring snowboarders who are ready to build their snowboard kit and kiss the lines at the rental counter goodbye. The Cassette features a classic silhouette and is kitted with features that are proven to provide beginners with the perfect blend of comfort and control.

Its foundation is our A-Line Chassis, seamlessly balancing durability and function and creating a forgiving feel for smooth, easy turning. The EVA footbed is cushy and supportive, and features a 3º inward cant that puts you in a perfectly balanced position for anticipating anything the mountain throws your way. 

The Cassette’s flexible Tweakback™ Highback is found on our premium models, and features our Gap Eraser™ Forward Lean adjustment - giving riders complete higback-to-heelcup contact. More contact equals more response.

The padded P.I. 3D Ankle Strap and PerfectFit™ Toe Strap cradle your feet in comfort while keeping your securely attached to your board for seeking out powder stashes or lining up your first jump in the park.

Once the bindings are mounted to your board, they can be adjusted on the fly without the need for any extra tools thanks to our Toolless design philosophy for on-the-go customization and fit.

  • A-Line™ Chassis
  • PC Flex Chassis Material
  • Tweakback™ Highback
  • PI Ankle Strap
  • Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap
  • 3º Canting
  • Gap Eraser™ Forward Lean
  • 100% Toolless Adjustment
  • Mega PC Lever Ratchet
  • EZ Feed Funnel
  • 4" Multi-Compatible Mount Disc