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K2 Cinch Tryst Snowboard Bindings 2024 - Women's

K2 Cinch Tryst Snowboard Bindings 2024 - Women's

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Slip into the Tryst binding, and you’ll be riding high in luxury. Blending a performance design philosophy without the hassle of dealing with traditional straps, the Tryst binding offers the complete package for getting off the lift and beating your friends to the secret spot. 

The mid-to-stiff flexing K2 Tryst is built on our Tripod™ Chassis, allowing you to fully customize the medial and lateral flex of the binding with interchangeable urethane dampers strategically placed on the base of each binding. The supportive AT PolyCarbonate Highback flips down 90º toward the snow when you’re ready to strap in and locks in with a pull of a lever when it’s time to cruise, thanks to our time-tested Cinch™ Technology.

Our 3º Canted EVA Footbed, EVA footbed cushioning, and sliding Power Ramp complement your natural stance and provide a cushy and supportive platform that places you in a balanced position for ripping through the trees or down your favorite groomed run. Our padded Bender™ 3D Ankle Strap and PerfectFit™ Toe Strap are the perfect companions to the Cinch™ system and allow you to quickly add or loosen your bindings with traditional ratchets.

For a genuinely unique on-hill experience that’ll make you the envy of your entire group, the K2 Tryst is an all-mountain convenience snowboard binding, unlike other bindings you’ve ever ridden.

Construction Features

A supportive and smooth flexing, fully hinging chassis that uses interchangeable pods on the base of the binding to customize the lateral mobility and feel to your exact liking.

Twist and shout. Our Bender™ strap is our most flexible padless ankle strap option. We created it to improve freestyle mobility and help you tweak until those bindings creak.

PERFECT FIT™ TOE STRAP: Hinged design fits any boot toe shape, holds well, and sits in a low-profile configuration.

3° CANTED FOOTBED: Canted 3° to match your natural leg position during riding. More support to the outside of the foot provides improved control while reducing fatigue.

ADJUSTABLE FORWARD LEAN: Custom-fit the forward lean of the highback with the turn of a screwdriver.

CINCH™ DRAG RATCHET: Designed to work with the Cinch™ binding system, the shorter drag on the Cinch™ ratchet dials in the perfect fit.

MINI MOUNT DISC: Compatible with our TriPod™ Chassis, the mini disc takes up a smaller footprint when mounted, allows for uninhibited board flex, and fits with 4 hole, 3 hole, and channel mounts.

Injected nylon with integrated fiberglass makes for more response and performance-focused chassis.

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