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K2 Mindbender 85 Skis + Squire 10 Quikclik Bindings 2024

K2 Mindbender 85 Skis + Squire 10 Quikclik Bindings 2024

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The Mindbender 85 is an ideal ski for anyone breaking out beyond the groomers. They are lightweight, forgiving, and intuitive – inspiring confidence in beginner-to-intermediate skiers looking to bring their improving skills to new parts of the mountain. 

Some skis are easy to outgrow for a developing skier, but these Mindbender 85’s will remain in your arsenal even after you gain confidence in tougher terrain.

Construction Features

ALL-TERRAIN ROCKER™: ski rocker all terrain rocker Gradual rise in the tip with a short, low section in the tail for greater versatility in all conditions.

BIO-RESIN: Lightweight, eco-friendly material for energetic and consistent flex across a wide range of temperatures.

BINDINGS NOT INSTALLED: K2 does not mount bindings prior to shipment. They must be properly set for each individual rider based on their size, ability level, and equipment. All bindings must be mounted, adjusted, and tested by an authorized retailer prior to use.

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