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Ride Russell x Algorhythm Snowboard 2024

Ride Russell x Algorhythm Snowboard 2024

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While filming for Rough Around the Edges the production crew was digging through the RIDE archive boxes. Since these boxes hold the entire history of the brand, you’d think they would be labeled and organized. In true RIDE fashion, they aren’t. Rifle through these boxes and you’ll find old catalogs, never before seen photos, prototype designs, and original artwork for some of the most iconic RIDE graphics. Maybe even some stuff that would warrant an immediate “cease and desist” if we put them on boards today. Look hard enough and you’ll even find this original Ron Lemen painting, designed specifically for Russell’s board. Long story short, Ron painted this in the early ‘90’s for Russell, and it never saw the light of day. Until now. Pulling straight from the archives, we’re happy to share the newest Russell Algorhythm.

Construction Features

  • Directional Twin Standard Camber
  • Quadratic Sidecut 
  • Sintered, Stone Ground Base
  • Performance™ Core
  • Slimewalls®, Carbon Slimewalls®
  • Double Impact Plates
  • Carbon Array 5™
  • Pre-Cured Glass
  • Roll-In Construction

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