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Rossignol Jibfluence Snowboard 2023 - Kids'

Rossignol Jibfluence Snowboard 2023 - Kids'

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Just as its name implies, the Jibfluence is a Jibsaw influenced snowboard. A true-twin freestyle ripper grown from the same shape and construction, it features a thinner core, softer tips, mellower Serrated Edges and RadCut technology that's adapted to fit lighter weight riders while maintaining the highest levels of performance.

Effortless Mobility and Float
AmpTek Auto-Turn Rocker provides incredible maneuverability, catch-free feel and instant float

Confident Edge Control
3S Serrated Egdes increase stability and edge hold with a very smooth feel

Balanced Maneuverability and Grip
RadCut turn technology allows playful ease-of-use at slower speeds and full-length edge grip at higher speeds

Lively Pop, Easy Control
Twin Freestyle flex enhances pop and balance for easy freestyle control_x000D_

Condifence-boosting Freestyle Progression
Moderate-Soft symmetrical flex delivers pop, balance and playful performance


100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests
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